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Designing and production of molds, clamps for forms, grinders, mixers for roto-molding equipment 


For a complete set of rotational molding plant in addition to facilities, machinery and raw materials required the following:


Equipment for the preparation of raw materials. (Granular polyethylene requires grinding to the powdered state using special equipment – the drinder. For the preparation of dyed raw materials mixing equipment is used - mixers. Or it is necessary to buy a ready-chopped and dyed raw materials.) 


We develop and manufacture:



One of the options of quality of our molds is the presence of clips instead

bolting of flanges on it. More about molds

Clips for molds

Our company has developed and implemented into production the clip ZRF-10, which presses the mold halves with a thickness of the flange of up to 10mm.  More about clips


Also you may order: mixers and grinders for the roto-molding equipment.