About Us

The Company “Licom” was founded in August 1991

About us:
The Company “Licom” was founded in August 1991.
We produce equipment since 1996.
The first plastic cups producing machine in the CIS was released under our guidance, with our funding and with our direct participation on the JSC “Termoplastavtomat” in Khmelnitsky in 1996. Next, while selling and fragmenting the JSC, the production has been taken on the basis of several structures which have been separated from the JSC.The association of the leading specialist from the JSC “Termoplastavtomat” was and still is a strategic goal of “Licom”. Those are the best constructors of the factory, workers and high-skilled engineers, responsible managers. All this together allows us to develop, produce and implement into the mass production the new and unique equipment that meet modern standards. And also it allows us to achieve our goal – THE PRODUCTION OF THE NEW HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT.

While executing the contract:
We provide the training of your staff.
You have the opportunity to meet with the contactors and consequently to learn the subtleties of the production of each piece of equipment.
You have the opportunity to control the assembly and testing the equipment personally.
We are ready to make the delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The equipment is certified.
It’s allowed for the production of food packaging.
It’s patented.
The production time is from 2 to 6 months.
The equipment warranty period is 12 months under 2-shift work.

We will be glad to see you among our clients.